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The understanding of new technologies varies among the academia, industry and governments of central European countries.


CEUP 2030 (Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE project funded under the European Regional Development Fund) strives for excellence in policy making on Industry 4.0/Advanced Manufacturing in this region.
Using the outputs and results of Interreg cooperation and Horizon 2020 research projects, the consortium will create a comprehensive innovation system for policy making to set best-in-class structures and processes. They will generate stable innovation networks and thus streamline emerging knowledge with policy building in a regional context.


An upstreaming process is designed to meet the challenges & needs of available, high-quality innovation know-how in the CE area, which lacks sufficient cooperation & structure to really add-value at a policy-level & limits the competitive potential of connected regions.
Transnational, multi-level learning supports regions to overcome this challenge.


SIIT is proud to be part of  CEUP2030 and of coordinating the second round of Policy Learning Labs! 

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