The term “intelligent integrated systems” refers to complex systems that possess different degrees of “intelligence” operating in areas previously considered to belong exclusively to human beings, replacing them when performing difficult, tedious or dangerous functions. The great tradition of Ligurian industry has for decades been linked to the solution of complex problems in the industrial, military and civil sectors that require the ability to integrate different matrix technologies into articulated and intelligent systems.

SIIT SCpA was founded in 2005 with the aim to create an integrated system among large industries, small and medium-sized businesses, the University of Genoa, public institutions, research and finance, with particular attention to the development of industrial research and technology transfer activities. By that logic, the Region of Liguria, the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Universities and Scientific Research have entered into an agreement in which the six lines of implementation of the District’s operations have been identified.
SIIT SCpA is a non-profit consortium company, which represents an aggregation of a regional nature, whose main aim is to promote and favor production competitiveness in the areas of interest.

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