1st phase activities (completed)

  • 2008 – Integrated Level II Master Course “Advanced Technologies for Integrated Intelligent Systems”, realized with the contribution of the Fund (Operativo Regione Liguria Fondo Sociale Europeo)
  • 2009/2010 – Integrated Level II “International Business Leadership” University Master Course with the contribution of the Fund (Operativo Regione Liguria Fondo Sociale Europeo) and Operational Program from the ATS made up of the University of Genoa, Ansaldo Foundation, Ansaldo STS, Oto Melara, SIIT, CNR.


2nd phase activities (completed)

In particular, the district has initiated and completed the training courses concerning:

  • Three-year research doctorate scholarships
  • Research grants

This approach is the result of an extensive cognitive survey carried out jointly with research institutions and associated companies, whose outcomes have allowed for outlining specific interventions that are to be carried out in the district’s technological areas of reference.
In summary, the interventions activated to follow up the results of the survey, were:

  • PhD scholarships: a cycle of PhD scholarships for five beneficiaries was initiated and concluded, with reference to some design platforms of interest to the district and related research activities undertaken by companies.
  • Research grants: in this case with specific attention to technology transfer policies between different district components and for consequent opportunities for employment growth, actions were completed for activating three cycles of biennial research grants for 52 grant holders.

The results consist in a privileged path that has combined training activities with significant research activities, ensuring maximum visibility outside the business world for both trainees and research groups in order to facilitate new employment and desirable further cooperation: research / business.

Of particular relevance, regarding the action taken by SIIT, we must mention the positive outcome of employment effects, the birth of new business initiatives, and further support for initiatives already started or under development:

  • SMART TRACK: winner of the Smart CUP Award Liguria 2014; solutions for integrated indoor / outdoor localization in the industrial field
  • TRANSIT (TRANsportation Solutions, Innovation, and Training)
  • ERMIT (IT, electronics, automation)
  • Med Service (ICT services)
  • DICCA Group, DCCI, CNR-IENI (fuel cell technology)
  • GFCC (automation systems and components)
  • Smart Rainfall System (systems and technologies for the environment)
  • Swhard (automation, IT)
  • SITEM (SW and instrumentation)


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