SINTESIS: Integrated Security Intelligence System

Parties involved

Elsag Datamat, Selex Communications, Ansaldo STS, Selex Sistemi Integrati, Consorzio PMI (Aitek, NIS, Selesta Ingegneria, TP, TechnoAware), Università di Genova (DIBE, DISI, DIST), CNR (Dipartimento ICT)


Project Overview

SINTESIS has created an innovative structure for information management based on the concept of “Network Centric Operation” that optimizes the concept of distribution, QoS and “time critical” processes that, in addition to ensuring interoperability and interfacing with other existing systems, promotes synergies at an organizational and operational level with the operators in the sector.

The project’s main scope of research has therefore been the study and application of a new paradigm: the “cognitive model” applied to safety.
In summary, elaboration nodes have been developed that transform sensory signals and events into safety-sensitive information (intelligent sensory nodes and cognitive nodes), on which to perform an autonomous cycle of perception-analysis-decision-action, which brings these nodes closer to a behavior similar to that of human operators, with the ability to analyze and synthesize, however, infinitely superior and related to the complexity of situations and needs of “real time”.