Intelligent systems for patient management in the diagnostic-therapeutic cycle

Parties involved

Esaote, Softeco Sismat, Consorzio PMI (TAU, FOS, CAP Research), Università di Genova (DIBE, DIST, DISI), Università di Genova-sede di Savona (DIBE, DIST), CNR (Dipartimento ICT)


Project Overview

The project has studied and developed innovative applications of ICT technologies in the field of medical equipment with solutions that can be used by the operator to optimize all phases of patient management, from standardization of diagnostics, to the guidance of therapeutic treatment, up to the support of functional rehabilitation.

The objective of the project therefore consisted in the creation of a system able to intelligently integrate new sensors and interactive systems for diagnosis and monitoring, with enhanced, more effective and safe technologies, designed to plan, coordinate, monitor diagnostic and management activities of the patient as well as new safe, precise and flexible devices able to optimize treatment in a timely manner while becoming minimally invasive.


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