IDRO-RIN TRAN-GENESI: Studying new technology for a large-scale generation of hydrogen from renewable sources for land-naval transport and distributed generation


Parts involved

Unige DIMSET, Unige DIST, CNR IENI, Ansaldo Energia, Orizzonte Sistemi Navali


Project overview

The completed project has a significant potential in a global scenario and has pursued:

  • The study of technologies for the generation of electrolyte hydrogen by means of alkaline electrolyzers (currently on the market) or high temperature electrolyzers (under research): this study can be carried out on a large scale using electrical energy generated from renewable primary sources, not converted or not used due to lack of energy demand.
  • The study and evaluation of the performance of a hydrogen production system and its storage, with particular regard to the search for innovative and efficient storage systems (through the use of nanomaterials), constructing a complete laboratory for this purpose.
  • Reactor research for the conversion of hydrogen and CO2 into hydro-methane and other “chemicals” (for example hydro-methane and methanol), which, along with hydrogen, can be applied to a land and sea transport system as well as in the field of distributed electrical generation.
  • A study to evaluate the use of oxygen generated electrolytically, taking into account its economic value and the large amount of oxygen generated in the electrolytic process.
  • The study of innovative storage methodologies (for example nanomaterials) has been developed, which are more efficient than those currently adopted (under pressure, chemical, cryogenic), in order to facilitate the diffusion of hydrogen in ship and land transport.
  • The entire project has been followed every step of the way by a complete steady state and time dependent thermo-economic hierarchical approach, in order to identify the best technical and economical plant engineering solutions, also evaluating an optimal size for the system and its interface redefining the contour from time to time based on the geographical area of application with particular regard to applications in the field of land and sea transport, as well as for distributed electrical generation plants.


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