MAREA: Monitoring And Rescue Automation


Parties involved

Oto Melara, Selex Galileo, Università di Genova (DIST, DIBE, DIMEC), CNR (ISSIA), Canova tech, FOS, Graaltech, Hyla Soft, INSIS, Medservice.com, TechnoAware, Telerobot


Project Overview

The MAREA project, currently under development, directs management on a self-coordinating cooperative basis, of “teams” of autonomous vehicles for terrestrial, above and under water surveillance and monitoring, as per
the following three directions of study and development:

  • Teams, also composed of autonomous air vehicles
  • Teams, also composed of autonomous means of intervention (intelligent land and underwater vehicles, handling and transportation)
  • “Swarms” of autonomous vehicles, characterized by a high number of agents, even if each one has a simpler structure and a reduced decision-making capacity (certainly for the terrestrial domain, but with possible extensions that can be evaluated also for air, above and under water).


For these development lines it is expected to be able to make constant reference to the following application scenarios connected to them

  • Monitoring and Intervention in the context of Infrastructures, Plants and surrounding environments: with a particular interest in large hydroelectric plants;
  • Monitoring and Intervention in the context of Post Disaster Emergency Scenarios: with particular interest in post-earthquake emergency and serious environmental-structural accidents in general.


As outlined and as support to the three courses of development indicated above, other aspects of research will be considered just as important, such as: energizing, support for navigation (sensors and videos), a possible integration into the system and possibly in the same swarm of other subsystems, as well as the use of manipulators.

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