SITE: Intelligent Systems for the development of Power Technologies in the short and medium term: fossil, renewable and nuclear

Parties involved

Ansaldo Energia, Elsag Datamat, Università di Genova (DIMSET, DINAEL, DIBE, DIMEC), CNR (IEIIT-Istituto per l’Energetica e le Interfasi), Gruppo Sigla, Softeco Sismat, Pegaso Systems, Aitek, Leonardo Sistemi, DotVocal, FOS, Sitem, Graaltech, telerobot, Tag control

Project Overview

With reference to the area of “Power”, the study of an issue that has been addressed, for different reasons, and is of particular importance, both from a technological point of view as for its impact on the social fabric. Smart energy districts are an extension of “smart grids”, “intelligent” power grids that already represent one of the greatest technological challenges faced by the research world and the industrial world in recent years. It is expected to be at the center of efforts (and investments) for the Utilities sector and the National Governments themselves for many years to come. With the “power district”, in fact, issues related to intelligent electricity networks are extended to the production and distribution of thermal energy as well as cooling, developing an integrated model for the management (production, marketing, distribution, use) of electricity and thermal energy in a “district”. The presence, on one hand is distributed consumption, on the other, non-controllable renewable energy and electricity production within the same district, poses new problems for both technical and economic sustainability, whose development represents the scope in the present research project. The topics covered require broad multidisciplinary knowledge. The development of the project was made possible thanks to the expertise available in the area and the opportunity for close collaboration between the various SIIT District components, in particular among the companies who made the proposal, among which are Large Companies (Ansaldo Energia and Leonardo Finmeccanica), various university departments and numerous SMEs, all present and active in the Ligurian territory and representing a center of excellence at a national level, with regard to both research and commercial applications. The partners of Grande Industria, in particular, have specific high-level experience: Ansaldo Energia is active in the field of power generation plants from fossil fuels and from renewable sources. Leonardo Finmeccanica, has been active for years in the world of ICT solutions in general and for the energy world in particular, having developed SW applications for the control of plants and networks (SCADA) and, for example, for the Power Stock Exchange.


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