The project worked on the same thematic axes of Industrial Research, with the aim of carrying out technology transfer projects in favor of SMEs in cooperation with Research Institutions.
Around thirty SMEs and many research groups participated in these projects.

The following are the titles and thematic areas covered:

  • Integrated modular system for monitoring / inspection / security operations in the marine environment (automation-safety)
  • Application of WEB based technologies for the development of Decision Support System models (DSS) (complex organizations)
  • Development of a prototype for a system in order to support the planning and scheduling of logistic activities along the supply chain and distribution channel (transport)
  • System for a dynamic and flexible management of parking / unloading areas that can be booked in urban logistics applications (ICT-transport)
  • Implementation of Technology for the management and reuse of experience when developing projects by SME clusters, with particular reference to software production (ICT)
  • Embedded Hardware system for mobile reception and sharing local information as well as meteorological alerts (ICT Services) through bluetooth / audio / video
  • Enabling platforms for advanced interpersonal communication and the exchange of information and services as well as within business communities (Complex Organizations)
  • System for the management and control of traffic and parking in urban centers (ICT Info-mobility)
  • Integrated video surveillance system consisting of mobile robots, fixed infrastructure and transportable systems (Security)
  • MAN networks cooperative system of mobile robotic devices for video surveillance in intelligent environments (Automation)
  • Sustainable mobility system based on innovative technology for managing smart vehicle networks (ICT Transport)
  • ICT Technologies, Semantics and Ontology applied to Physical and Logical Safety Systems (ICT Security)
  • Tracking system for goods and people inside closed environments in sensitive or high risk areas by evaluating different solutions, including indoor GPS systems (ICT Services
  • Visual prototyping for transport, logistics and automation solutions (ICT)
  • Design and implementation to demonstrate a dynamic model for the control and real-time management of complex logistics networks (ICT)
  • Simulator for predicting the performance of underwater intrusion systems for use in coastal and port protection (ICT Security)
  • Implementation of a tool for advanced analysis and classification as well as for high-speed lines of IP (Internet) traffic to support IT and network security mechanisms (ICT)


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