SharedLab Liguria is a lab, set up in 2016, which is shared, promoted and supported by the SIIT District along with the participation of some Ligurian and UNIGE companies, which collaborate on the issues of Industry 4.0.


FI – SharedLAB Regionale, with reference to the “Regional S3”, has the following objectives:

  • Contribute to guiding the support, development and transformation of the regional manufacturing sector, towards new products-services, processes and technology able to help sustain and develop the activities of companies in our territory.
  • Contribute to the creation of a regional manufacturing community connected to the national stable and more competitive in the planning, execution and valorization of research results.
  • Contribute to linking national and regional research policies with international ones, increasing the competitiveness of a regional manufacturing industry by designing and implementing a series of research initiatives for the development of real innovation, appropriately using the funds available in various contexts.

The SharedLab project, promoted by important Ligurian industrial groups, as well as public institutions and universities, intends to accompany SMEs and large Italian companies into new digital scenarios of Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 through the creation of a shared research lab. Liguria represents an excellence at a national level on these issues.

The initiative is part of the National Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Cluster (CTNFI), in close collaboration with the Region of Liguria (Research, Innovation and Energy Sector), the University of Genoa, Confindustria and Liguria Ricerche. The initiative is part of a series of innovative actions in direct support of manufacturing companies (GIs and SMEs) operating in the Ligurian territory and aims to delineate, as well as develop short and medium-term prospects, an effective and ambitious operating strategy based on the innovation of the entire Ligurian manufacturing sector in order to create a direct connection with the National Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Cluster which fosters cross-fertilization, the dissemination of enabling technology and the “best practices” on a National and International scenario.

SharedLab wants to be a virtual factory type for Industry 4.0 in which they:

  • Try: new features of an instrument developed by a partner, prototypes.
  • Train: training environment for staff who must learn to use a partner product.
  • Integrate: the products of different partners who can try to interact with each other in order to present joint project proposals.
  • Demonstrate: a proactive marketing tool.


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