In SIIT, research and development activities occupy a prominent position. Their development also makes use of lab facilities enabling development and testing phases for research projects. These facilities are equipped with instruments and equipment complementary to those already available in the labs at research institutions and companies, in particular those available to SMEs.

The SIIT labs have been set up to support six thematic areas of development at the foundation of the District, in the fields of Automation, Security, Info-mobility, Complex Organizations and Health.
For some macro-labs or labs, specific clusters of activities are also determined and have become more distinctive. Moreover, always in correspondence with each macro-lab, lab or even activity cluster, the equipment used is available (upon request), along with further more specific indications regarding types of activities carried out.

All macro-labs or labs are located at the SIIT headquarters in Via Greto di Cornigliano 6, with the sole exception of the “GRID Computing and Virtual Reality” lab.

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