After the first phase, dedicated to SMEs, several contacts have been initiated with significant international organizations that have enabled the creation of a substantial network of relationships. As mentioned, initiatives that have been developed, are, for example:


ALCOTRA Innovative Program

The Italian-French ALCOTRA, a cross-border program which aims to improve innovative capacity of cross-border production systems, fostering collaboration and mutual understanding between companies, clusters, research centers, universities and institutions. SIIT has participated in this specific project and has envisioned the drafting of a cross-border Strategic Plan to support innovation with the aim of aiding administrations when guiding strategic planning choices.

In particular, in the Intelligent Mobility area, SIIT proposed a pilot action, called IPIMIT – An inter-regional Platform for Information on Multimodal Transport with the aim of assessing the possibility of extending the current public information services with regard to transport, from a current regional scope to a wider trans-regional and cross-border one.

The IPIMIT partnership has included, in addition to SIIT, the Transport Departments of the three Regions of Liguria, Piedmont and PACA, users of public transport Associations and some IT companies specialized in the sector, among which in particular, with regards to Liguria, Softeco Sismat and Darts Engeneering, both members of the SIIT SME Consortium.


ITAIPU Paraguay-Brazil Program

An agreement has been signed with the Itaipù Paraguay Technology Park for the development and construction of a pilot plant for the production of hydrogen and hydro-methane as well as for the joint development of technologies to facilitate the transport and storage of hydrogen. The studies for the first experimental plant, have seen a vital contribution from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Energy Management and Transport (DIME).

The objective consisted in the supply of hydro-methane from mass production plants whose sizing and dislocation was the subject of a thermo-economic study carried out at the DIME Department, to which even Paraguayan experts have contributed. These activities have also been developed in the SIIT IDRO-TRAN-GENESI project, which has been successfully completed.

Collaborations with research organizations from the US FF AA

Following specific seminars held in 2014 in Washington between Research Units from the US Armed Forces and Italian public and private research institutions, 16 different projects were presented through the Ministry of Defense-AIAD were presented to AFORS (Air Force Office for Research & Science) and a general presentation of Italian research skills were also made to other potentially interested US institutions such as Darpa, ONR (Office for Naval Research), ARL (Army Research Laboratory), etc.

SIIT participated in the first AFORS tender with two computational mathematics projects presented by departments that are part of the Genovese Polytechnic School. Notably, the project presented by DIME was selected.


In cooperation with Battelle Memorial Institute USA

SIIT, after contacting Battelle, in cooperation with CIPI / UNIGE, has defined an internship at the Institute for a PhD student to attend as a “Visiting Researcher” at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) – Battelle Memorial Institute.
The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) is one of 10 US laboratories run by the US Department of Energy (DOE).

Research projects are carried out not only for the DOE, but also for the Department of Homeland Security, other government agencies, universities and private industries. In particular, the most explored areas are defense, energy and the environment.
The PhD student collaborated on a project in the context of specific contacts as well as with Battelle / SIIT agreements. It was conducted by the “Knowledge Discovery and Informatics” division, under the supervision of prof. Antonio Sanfilippo, scientist at PNNL since 2003, expert in Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing.


Initiatives in progress of notable importance

Due to the extensive and possible repercussions, some important initiatives in progress should be mentioned.
Considering the current situation and future prospects, it is necessary to direct a part of the activities to search for funding for new programs and projects, exploiting the enormous potential that the associates (Polytechnic School, CNR, large industry and SMEs) can provide.

From this point of view, the opportunities for which SIIT has worked or has been working for some time are the following:

  • developing software algorithms, mainly digitalization of waveforms related to civil systems, in collaboration with the University of Moscow.
  • after relevant and significant commitment to support the organization of the CPEXPO2013 and CPEXPO2014 events in the field of security, SIIT is actively competing with the French hub SAFE Cluster, to define cooperation on various issues (dual use technologies, security, transport, etc.).
  • Alliance?
  • KIC?


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