The program has responded to the following general objectives:

  • steer the growth of SMEs and the district, in particular within territories with which it is possible to start and strengthen collaborative relationships, as well as in emerging markets;
  • strengthen competitiveness in the local regional system by launching partnerships and developing relationships with European and non-European districts in the technology sector;
  • build a portfolio of offers, characterized by a business line made up of services and products from individual SMEs, to be promoted abroad;
  • develop demonstration projects in target countries to promote and fortify district technologies


An integrated plan of internationalization actions has been developed, aimed mainly at SMEs for the companies of the District, which was divided into cross-system actions and vertical actions to support development and promotion in target countries.

The cross-cutting actions correspond to the following system initiatives:

  • Development of a basic project for internationalization
  • Initiatives and international exchanges on specific offers related to the themes of the Technology District with particular regard to the SME sector
  • Organization of meetings with district systems as well as identifying scenarios and themes for marketing actions
  • Interaction with international “networks of excellence”


These vertical actions were supported by promotion initiatives in Target Countries, through the creation of demonstration systems by companies in the district.


Target countries

This integrated project has developed through a series of actions aimed at European and extra-European countries that have shown, by the types of market and potential of the technological offer proposed by SIIT, real opportunities for developing synergies.
When choosing countries in which to activate measures to promote these projects, the following characteristics have to be met:

  • each project, intended for a specific country, has been supported by a network of previous actions, contacts as well as institutional and industrial relations that have favored the development of proposals and promotion actions;
  • presentation is promoted based on market indications and possible synergies in target countries.
    Included in the project:
  • non-European countries: where the target markets, the relationships initiated and the involvement of the Region of Liguria have shown an interest in the development of district actions in the recommended thematic areas;
  • European countries: where it has been possible to build, through effective relationships, networks and synergies relating to thematic areas developed through promotion actions.


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