CPEXPO International Conference and Exhibition
Call for showcase demonstrators
CPEXPO International Scientific Committee is seeking 100 companies able to install their solutions/products or to offer their services as part
of a large area that simulates key aspects of a future city, as the place of high concentration of interconnected critical infrastructures CIs. Their
security and to secure their interconnections is the main theme addressed by CPEXPO. The CPEXPO demo area aims to show how each one
of the 100 solutions or products or services offered is synergistic with, and facilitates the proper operation of, the other 99 and all together
ensure the quality of life and protection of the community.
Be a real demonstrator!
CPEXPO offers a unique opportunity for projects and companies to show their research, ICT products and innovative solutions for the the
protection of critical infrastructures in an INTEGRATED way, in a REALISTIC setting, based on a working city model designed to appeal to key
decision makers, influencers, strategists and budget holders.
You can submit your proposal for one of the 100 stands available to showcase and demonstrate the latest findings in applied research,
technologies, new systems, innovation in services & business and ICT products just coming to market.
The demonstration area will be organised as a living and integrated city model which will include all key features of a city and its supporting
strategic infrastructures such as:
1. Utilities
2. Bank & Finance
3. Health
4. Logistics & Transportation
5. Environment;
6. Community & Smart Cities
7. Cybersecurity
The candidate showcase demonstrators
• Representatives of the European Committees in charge of security sector development;
• Public"private official international delegations
• Italian and foreign ministries and institutions;
• Metropolitan municipalities, local bodies;
• Utilities;
• Universities and research institutes;
• Companies specialised in security and data and information governance methods;
• Companies supplying tailor"made systems and solutions for CI security;
• Companies supplying security technologies on an industrial scale;
• Companies supplying subsystems and components.
• Projects covering Security in all its forms.
Read the CPEXPO Terms of Reference before submitting your proposal.
How to propose a space in demonstration area?
Please complete the online form on www.cpexpo.it and submit it BEFORE JUNE 20TH 2013 $16:00%.
CPEXPO International Scientific Committee will peer"review the proposals received in accordance with the selection criteria defined in the
Terms of Reference.
The evaluation outcome will be communicated to all proposers by July 20th 2013.
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