Cyber Service Center

The Cyber Service Center began in SIIT with the goal of sensitizing, supporting and defending the business world against cybercrime.

Italy is ranked the fourth country in the world most exposed to this kind of threat, while Liguria ranks first among the regions and Savona being the second city nationwide.

The most affected and vulnerable victims are SMEs, professional firms, commercial businesses and smaller institutions.
Protecting a company’s tangible and intangible assets from cyber-aggression through the security of fixed and mobile networks as well as application software becomes increasingly prevalent and critical.

Among the risks most feared by companies are:

  • customer data theft
  • interruption of business activity
  • damage to the company’s reputation
  • financial crime (fraud, blackmail)
  • misappropriation of identity

The C.S.C., in order to face threats in a thorough and effective way, approaches prevention and resolution of problems through an interdisciplinary collaboration with skills from Cleis Security, Inthecyber, Leonardo, Talos


Modular solutions tailored to fit the company or institution, through the following services:

analysis and assessment of the security of the infrastructure and software in use (vulnerability and risk assessment, gap analysis)

  • simulation of cyber attacks (penetration tests, stress tests, real-life attack simulations, social engineering campaigns)
  • securing activities (fixing vulnerability, hardening & optimization, forensics & post incident handling, supply and configuration of security devices)
  • management and maintenance (security device management, log retention, mobile control, real-time security monitoring, secure SW)
  • certification (management systems, current regulations, certified professionals)
  • training (perimeter security, mobile security, secure application development, security awareness, business organization)


Cyber Service Center Presentation

Program Seminar 17 October 2017 “Data security 4.0 for businesses and professionals”

Next seminar program (date to be defined)

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