TECDOC: Digital Technologies for Complex Organizations


Parties involved

Cetena, Ericsson Telecomunicazioni, Elsag Datamat, Consorzio PMI (C&C Sistemi, Fos, Hub Telematica, I.LOG, NIS), Università di Genova (DIBE, DIST), CNR (Dipartimento ICT)


Project Overview

This project was inspired by some issues that have emerged in the Ligurian territorial context which are also clearly found at national as well as international levels, where many of the productive and economic activities are complex and fragmented. Therefore, they are often inefficient or otherwise can be optimized.
By studying some cases in terms of constituent processes, the project has implemented some valid support in order to plan, coordinate, monitor and manage the many operational and management activities for “Complex Organizations” in the most effective and efficient way.
In particular, specific systems have been studied and developed (here on in called “Application Platforms“), capable of intelligently integrating processes, services and technologies to better support the conduct of the activities of these Organizations.
“Complex Organizations”, with reference to the project, selected both in the industrial and service sectors, are those known as “Business Communities“, for example aggregates of subjects of various types, such as: companies, institutions, public administration, universities and research centers, as they work in the same area, thus sharing objectives and tools for achieving their institutional goals.


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