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Integrated intelligent systems to meet the demands for functional flexibility applied to power plant components and systems


Parts involved

Ansaldo Energia, Softeco Sismat, Consorzio PMI (RGM, Prometheus), Università di Genova (DIBE, DIST, DIE, DIMSET, DIMSET-Savona Combustion laboratori)


Project Overview

The project, which has already been developed, constitutes the first phase of a long-term multiannual R&D program intended for large power plants on a priority network which, starting from the short-medium term, will be progressively called upon to guarantee the modulation of electricity on an hourly basis.

Due to the extended use, the control units must, in fact, be made flexible enough to vary the power supply several times a day. All this with unchanged conditions of security, reliability and efficiency, which is an ambitious goal in light of the general consideration that these requirements are more easily respected in situations of prevalent nominal operating than in off-design.


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