GESTEC: Technology oriented towards services for the development and integration of ICT platforms


Parties involved

Elsag Datamat, Ericsson, Cetena, Unige DISI, Unige DIST, Unige DIBE, CNR, Softeco Sismat, IB SRL, NIS, Finsa Consulting, Cap, Hyla Soft Spa, Fos, Gruppo Sigla, Hub Telematica


Project Overview

This project, currently under development, is part of the SIIT District thematic profile called “Complex Organizations”.
The theme is transversal and applicable in various contexts covered by the District, however, the members are specialized in transport, shipbuilding, port and logistics, which derives from their prevalent location in the city of Genoa, and this specificity has led to consider these application domains in a privileged way, conditioning, at least in part, the activities of the project.
The Gestec project summarizes these two aspects. On one hand, it is a project that is transversal to the ICT application areas, aimed at increasing the potential for each participant, each according to its own characteristics, from the methodological and technological point of view in ICT.
On the other hand, it is affected by the District’s logistic specialization and places particular emphasis on the application and demonstration of results in the logistics sector. The transport specialty of the District and the city are then put at the service of the project to provide it with an application field in which to demonstrate the validity of the results obtained.
The project has, as its guideline, taken into consideration that one of the most significant developments in the ICT field regards the affirmation of the concept of “service”, which becomes the central element, at all levels, on which the application software platforms are based (http: //initiative.future-internet.eu), therefore it particularly takes into consideration the Internet of Services paradigm, according to which the devices connected to the network make their functions available in the form of services accessible through standard interfaces.


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