Thematic areas

The Thematic Areas in which this district operates is derived from in-depth studies, aimed at identifying the industrial priorities of the territory and technological skills which can be associated in order to encourage the innovation of products, processes and services.
This has led to an approach based on “transversality and reuse”, in which enabling technologies and macro areas (for example: ICT, decision support systems, security modeling / simulation, etc.) are used for direct development in specific sectors in which the district has relevant skills (eg Automation, Complex Organizations, Solutions for Safety and Security, Territorial Monitoring and Control, Mobility Systems and Logistics) and with collaborative developments in areas such as Energy and Life Sciences. In this case, the SIIT district provides specific technological support to other organizations with expertise in a specific domain.

Sustainable mobility and Logistics

Innovative solutions for transport and logistics services as well as for products in order to facilitate cooperation and interoperability among operators in various terrestrial and maritime domains.

Carried out projects:


Innovative solutions for physical and IT security applications, with reference to open and crowded public sites, sites with controlled access, large sites and critical infrastructures, protection of the coasts and borders, protection of civil vehicles.

Carried out projects:


Innovative solutions that allow for the development of applications in the “extended” automation sector in complex scenarios, also favoring the transition of the manufacturing industry from a “resource intensive” model to a “knowledge intensive” model, with reference to different application contexts.

Carried out projects:


Soluzioni innovative per applicazioni in ausilio alla diagnosi ed al trattamento terapeutico guidati da misure ed immagini.

Carried out projects:

Complex Organizations

Innovative solutions to allow the definition of functional applications for the development of advanced organizational models.

Carried out projects:


Innovative solutions for monitoring, surveillance and diagnostic systems; support systems for operator / process interaction, modeling and process simulation.

Carried out projects: